Don’t forget your legs! It’s very in Jiu Jitsu to get tunnel vision as we close in on a favorite attack. This is natural and not entirely a bad a thing – focus and relentless pursuit of a goal often creates success. Sometimes however, that focus on a narrow possibility blinds us to easier or better options that are right in front of us. A classic example often occurs with the most high percentage submission in the sport – the rear strangle. Because it is such a great submission it’s natural to focus entirely upon it when we get behind people. As long as our chest is locked to an opponent’s scapula that’s all good – but should an opponent sliding down lower towards our stomach, start thinking about the other great strangle option from the back that ought to be used much more – the rear triangle (ushiro sankaku) – where we can utilize the tremendous power of the legs to impart truly impressive strangulation pressure. Here, Nicky Ryan drills the from strangle to leg strangle – and as a bonus will also have opportunities to add various joint into the action as he does so. Keep your options open – as much as we all love strangles, don’t ignore the great effectiveness of leg strangles.