I learned this one from Captain F**king Kirk…Just wrapped up an awesome weekend in Boston filming with Bernardo Faria and the team from @bjj.fanatics for an upcoming video as part of the BJJ FUNDAMENTALS: GO FURTHER FASTER series. Today we filmed positional from various guard situations. Among the most useful and instructive are derived from the beautiful Tomoe – Nage throw. Once your ’s feet and hands leave the ground very few people will be able to stop you dropping them wherever you feel like – once you lift a man – you own him and where and how hard he lands is up to you. Tomoe nage is a fine example of a lifting sweep that is equally effective down on the mat and on your feet. On the bus now heading back in the rain five hours to New York City – quite a collection of characters on the bus smells like a 10th Planet seminar in here! Not sure if you can get high from passive inhalation but I I’m about to find out Hopefully I’ll be sober for teaching duty tomorrow in the basement! Happy Father’s Day to all of you!