The Greatest Of All Time: What an amazing thing to see my old friend Roger Gracie here in the blue teaching a here tonight! Mr Gracie is teaching all week here in the area. The only not yet completely sold out is the Big Saturday seminar at the new Upper West Side RGA @renzogracieuws Check with them for a spot because it will sell out quickly! Mr Gracie was unquestionably the greatest Jiu Jitsu competitor of all and is also a truly superb teacher – he gives incredible into his seemingly simple, yet very deep and unstoppable game. The days when Roger Gracie would come to class here during his MMA career and during build ups to big grappling events were some of the best memories I have over my career and it’s incredible to see how he has created himself into a truly great teacher with a great school in London. If you want to see what the best looks like up close – see if you can get a space in his remaining seminars!