Every match or you will ever be in, from the greatest to the least important, from your daily training matches to a championship final – will be a STORY – like any story it has a beginning, middle and end – the great question will always be: will you simply be a CHARACTER in that story? Or the AUTHOR of it? Jiu Jitsu gives you the ability to IMPOSE A PLOT LINE on every match you partake in. You know the script. Top plot line? Takedown, pass the guard, through a hierarchy of that create sufficient pressure to get to the end – submission. Bottom plot line? Get your legs between you and your opponent, keep them there long enough to attack and either finish with a submission from underneath or sweep him over and get on and switch to top position plot line. JIU JITSU CAN ALLOW YOU TO BE THE AUTHOR OF THE SCRIPT OF EVERY MATCH IN WHICH YOU PARTAKE. Before a match or even begins it gives you a great script with which to work – it becomes your job to impose it upon the characters and setting in which you find yourself.