Amazing night for the juniors! Last night some of the junior students went out to compete at @riseinvitational and at @thirdcoastgrappling @frankrosenthal11 won a fine to retain his Rise title. @katerinaleontyeva has to tremendous submission victories, one via heel hook and one via high guillotine to show her developing mastery of leg and front headlock systems. @drewthewickd_ won with a savage guillotine that rendered his opponent unconscious – I’ve always said that when people visit the basement the thing that shocks them the most is the effectiveness of my students front headlock/guillotine attacks – everyone expects them to be good at legs and back attacks – but the power of their attacks from front headlock is a nasty surprise. Meanwhile, down south @heysonnyy won a thriller via stranglehold in the last second of the match to show the progress of the junior female squad members. Also incredible coaching work by @garrytonon and @gordonlovesjiujitsu who used their own competition to help the juniors through the same types of challenges they faced years ago at a similar point in their own careers. Amazing work!! The submission rate in their matches is extraordinarily high – a great testimony to their hard work and progress and a great example for all of my readers to follow. SET YOUR HIGH, SET YOUR DEMANDS UPON YOURSELF FOR EXCELLENCE IN TRAINING AND DEVELOPMENT EVEN HIGHER – STICK TO THE PROGRAM AS LONG AS IT GARNERS GOOD RESULTS AND MAKE CHANGES IF IT DOES NOT – AND SOON YOU WILL BE HAVING SIMILAR SUCCESS

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