Thinking versus unthinking action: In combat sports there is often a need for very swift action and no time for thinking. So for example, if an opponent quickly shoots in for a takedown there is often no time to assess the situation and make a reasoned as to how to respond. In cases like this you must train to develop HABITS that kick in without thought the moment the danger arises. Automatic action is thus always a big part of combat sports and you must train yourself to develop good habits that you will automatically apply should the situation arise. Then there are many other where there is a considerable amount of time to respond to a tricky situation that you have gotten into. In these situations, reasoned solving thought is the way to go. Here you can take the time to avoid a rushed and ill considered action and think things through to solve a puzzle. As a general rule, the demand for quick and automatic reaction with good reaction is mostly seen in position where the overall pace and the speed of the major is high. In ground grappling the pace slows considerably and there is often time to figure out solutions to problems as you grapple. Your training must reflect this. Develop good habits in response to the faster moves of the sport so that you can reflexively perform the correct response to a quick attack with no need for slow thinking. Drill these counters until they become automatic. When response time is a priority those habits built through repetition will be worth their weight in gold. When you are tangled up down on the floor, go the opposite route – take the time to slow things down and engage conscious thought to problem solve. Using both these approaches in the appropriate contexts will be of great to your performance on the mat.