The versatility of front headlock position: one of the most commonly occurring in all of is the front headlock/guillotine position. From feet to floor, top or bottom there are so many ways to enter into this position whether as a reaction to an opponent’s move, or as a entry that we initiate ourselves that it is almost inevitable that it will occur on multiple occasions in the course of a match. As such, it must be part of your game. The good news is that there are many fine stranglehold’s that can be done from there – many guillotine and kata gatame variations – all of which can turn a match in your favor in a very short time frame. Here, developing junior @drewthewickd_mma uses a nice sequence that begins as an arm in guillotine and transitions to a high elbow guillotine attack from top position as the changing circumstances of the scenario unfold. This ability to get quickly to a front headlock and then use that to move through all the many potential strangleholds from there is a truly valuable combat skill that you can use every day you train.