When you have strong submissions in your arsenal – as long as you have a heartbeat and on the clock – you’ve always got a chance: One of The greatest things about submissions is that they can turn an entire match around in a moment. Regardless of what has transpired already in a match – no matter how far behind you are on the scoreboard – a submission overcomes everything and can you the win. One of the greatest favors you can ever do yourself is thus to deeply in submission skill. It will be your equivalent of a KO punch. Submissions make you dangerous and at a deeper level, they create a sense in you that you always a chance of victory no matter what. Here, blue belt junior Nathalia Santoro finds herself down 9-4 in a wild match with just seconds on the clock. Training with back master pays off as she locks in a on the buzzer to take a great win. Nothing gets us through adversity better than a sense of hope – and strong submissions create a very strong sense of hope indeed because they are the one weapon that can instantly overturn the entire narrative of a match so far and you victory out of defeat.