Start with head and hands: One of the most important of grappling is that of CONNECTION. Only when you form some sort of physical connection to an opponent can you begin the process of controlling an opponent’s movement in ways that lead to submission (there are some ways to affect an opponent’s movement without touching them (feints, motion etc) but this is a different set of skills). Note immediate a general rule – THE MORE CONNECTION YOU HAVE WITH AN OPPONENT THE GREATER DEGREE OF CONTROL IS POSSIBLE. So as a general rule as we grapple an opponent we are constantly seeking to get good position with greater amounts of body in order to maximize control. However, this process of seeking greater connection must have a starting point – and the vast majority of cases, CONNECTION BEGINS WITH THE HEAD AND HANDS. Good head position and hand fighting skills are a BIG part of success and one which you must start practicing until they become instinctual. Your head and hands are the basis of your defense in grappling and if you can gain some sort of advantage with them it will start your offensive cycles that can lead to victory. SET YOUR HEAD AND HANDS PROPERLY AND THE REST OF YOUR WILL HAVE A MUCH EASIER TIME GETTING ADVANTAGEOUS CONNECTION.