Guard retention: of the most exciting aspects of learning Jiu Jitsu is that of developing strong attacks with submissions and sweeps/reversals from guard positions. Most people believe that in any combat situation a person in top will have an advantage over an opponent underneath them. It is very eye to a beginner to see how powerful certain bottom guard positions can be if used well. However, EVEN THE BEST ATTACKING ABILITIES FROM BOTTOM POSITION WILL BE OF LITTLE VALUE IF YOU CANNOT MAINTAIN A GUARD POSITION LONG ENOUGH TO ACTUALLY PUT THEM INTO OPERATION. The bottom game of Jiu Jitsu is entirely predicated on the idea that you must be able to engage your opponent with your LEGS (Guard) If you are to be effective. If your opponent quickly passes your you can’t do anything from underneath until you your legs back between yourself and your adversary. As long as you have of your legs to your opponent or least alignment of your legs with your opponent, you can play an offensive game from bottom, but the moment he passes your guard, you are 100% defensive. As such, the ability to hold a guard for extended periods of time against resistance is the single most important skill in building a foundation for offense from bottom position. While it may not have the sex appeal of submissions and sweeps, you won’t be submitting or sweeping anyone from underneath if they pass your legs – so when it comes to developing bottom guard skills – EVERYTHING STARTS WITH RETENTION. Only when you have that skill will you be able to constantly attack and play an offensive game from bottom position. AS LONG AS YOU HAVE YOUR LEGS/ HIPS POSITIONED BETWEEN YOURSELF AND YOUR OPPONENT YOU ARE A TO HIM – AS SOON AS HE PASSES YOUR GUARD YOU ARE NOTHING TO HIM BUT A TARGET. Work hard on those unglamorous but essential skills – they will provide more value to your bottom game than any other and create a foundation upon which you can build a truly impressive set of bottom offense skills