Two different approaches to submission: I have always taught Jiu Jitsu as the art and science of control that leads to submission. When it is time to enter into submissions, understand that there are two general methods. The first is to emphasize OF ENTRY. The idea is to catch your opponent in a moment of vulnerability PRIOR TO HIS ABILITY TO STRONG DEFENSES. The second is to get to a completed dominant position first, your opponent recognizes the danger of the position and sets up strong defensive apparatus in response to the threat, and you employ a STEP BY STEP DISMANTLING OF HIS DEFENSES TO GET THE BREAKTHROUGH. The first relies upon your ability to sense OPPORTUNITY and have the speed to get to the prize before your opponent can construct defenses. The second relies upon your KNOWLEDGE OF THE MAJOR COUNTERS TO YOUR AND YOUR ABILITY TO OVERCOME THEM. If you wish to maximize your potential in the use of submission holds – you must gain expertise in both methods. The dynamic nature of sparring and competition will provide you with many opportunities to use the first method and snatch submissions in the midst of the action. As you develop strong positional skills you will get opportunities to also employ the second approach. Note that the first approach relies mostly upon your PERCEPTION. YOU MUST TRAIN YOURSELF TO SEE OPPORTUNITY AND ACT IMMEDIATELY UPON IT. The second relies more upon knowledge of PROCEDURE and a methodical dismantling of defensive structures. The best students are always those who can double their chances by using both with equal efficacy. Here, Nicky Ryan employs a methodical step by step approach using our back attack system, but as you have seen so often, he also excels at snatching strangles in the midst of scrambles. Play them both and watch your submission game take a jump forward !