When strangleholds and locks join forces: The submission holds of Jiu Jitsu are broadly divided into JOINT LOCKS and STRANGLES. The former are an attack upon your ’s body, the latter an attack upon your opponent’s consciousness. Both are devastating weapons. There are a few occasions when you can bridge the and make them work together as one. Arguably the best example of this is the triangle (sankaku). Anytime you lock up a triangle of any type upon an you always have the option of adding a lock to your opponent’s wrist, elbow or shoulder as well. The effects of this can be devastating as typically the defenses to the tend to open you up to the locks and vice versa, so that the is given the devils choice between getting strangled vs getting broken. Here, triangle master Gordon Ryan a fine example of a front triangle (omote sankaku) combined with an arm lock action (juji gatame) to create a terrible predicament for his opponent. Look for this every you attack with triangles of all types and begin to exploit the potential of both strangles and locks at the same time!