The Iron Law of Speed vs Control: When we go to engage with an opponent, a basic have to make is THE SPEED OF OUR OWN vs THE CONTROL WE HAVE OVER OUR OPPONENTS MOVEMENT. There is an iron rule that comes into play here that has deep ramifications for our game. You have to make a choice between speed and control – You cannot have both at the same time. The more you emphasize the speed of your own movements the less you will be able to control the movements of your opponent. Since Jiu Jitsu is a sport that primarily emphasize control above all else – it is typically a slow paced in comparison to other grappling sports such as wrestling and judo. Note that all the fastest moves of Jiu Jitsu, for example a flying arm bar, are among the least controlling and need speed and surprise to get the win before our opponent can react defensively. The slowest moves of Jiu Jitsu – the dominant pins – where minutes can go by with very little are the most controlling. This iron law of speed and control is something you must ponder when building your own game. Both can be highly successful. It is also quite to use both at different times and in different contexts. For example, standing position is inherently less controlling than ground and thus speed plays a much greater role in success for most athletes. You might play a speed based game standing but a control based game on the floor. Both speed and control are wonderful attributes for combat athletes to develop – but learning to their relationship and how that relationship will impact your game is a big part of your Jiu Jitsu journey.