Craig Jones Kimura: Craig Jones was victorious last night at @kasaigrappling July 4th event. He won with a beautiful interplay of Kimura and back attacks. He has been working in the blue basement this last month and week the ADCC 2019 camp begins and he will join the squad for the full camp in preparation. Kimura is among the most fascinating holds in grappling. It functions in the grappling game in a way similar to the knight on the chess board. Just as the knight moves in a very different manner from all the other pieces on the board and can thus be used in very unique ways to deliver attacks that no other piece can attempt, so too, Kimura enables unconventional attacks. Any an opponent reaches for you from underneath Kimura is possible. It is one of the few upper body moves you can reliably employ whilst still engaged in an opponent’s guard – as the squad has shown many times – an once locked, you branch in many directions – the back being a squad favorite Well done Mr Jones! This weekend he takes on heavyweight behemoth Anthony Rumble Johnson in a very interesting match up then he and the squad juniors team up for preparation