Getting it right: The sport of Jiu Jitsu is of the most technically demanding in all of sports. A submission that was 99% correct fails as badly as one that was 5% correct. There is a lot of heartache over that got close – but failed. Interestingly, the cause of failure is usually something very small. That is why such a premium is put upon small technical details in Jiu Jitsu because they are the difference between almost winning (but losing) and winning. IN A WHERE THERE IS ONLY SUCCESS AND FAILURE AND ANYTHING LESS THAT COMPLETE SUCCESS IS FAILURE – EVERYTHING DOWN TO THE SMALLEST DETAILS HAS TO BE CORRECT. The number of high percentage submissions in Jiu Jitsu is small – I really only focus on twenty, and most of my is spent on only six of submissions which form the core of our arsenal – the course of your study must focus on the DEPTH of your knowledge of a few moves. So work hard to amass those match winning details. When a fleeting opportunity arises before you against a tough they will be the difference between triumph and frustration