instructional released! The second installment of the BJJ FUNDAMENTALS: GO FURTHER FASTER – video has been released today. The guard position is the foundation of the entire bottom game in Jiu Jitsu. Given that there will always be times when we find ourselves underneath bigger, stronger and more aggressive opponents (or opponents who simply have more developed takedown skills than ourselves) it is prudent to spend at least half of your training time in bottom position. If you are a beginner or it is wise to spend even more time than this as the likelihood of being in bottom position is even greater. The two skills you need to master in Jiu Jitsu are PIN ESCAPES – because when you begin you will inevitably be pinned in inferior position by your more experienced opponents – and GUARD RETENTION – because if they can’t get your legs and pin you they are going to find it extremely difficult to you and you. They will never be able to get to the preferred top pins or behind you from where most of the best finishes occur. The guard is both your sword and shield when in bottom position. You need to be able to GET TO IT by escaping pins and KEEP IT through retention skills. If you can do so OPPONENTS WONT BE ABLE TO YOU AND YOU WILL BE ABLE TO CONSTANTLY ATTACK THEM FROM UNDERNEATH – and that’s how bottom game must be played. So never neglect your training of pin escapes and guard retention – those two skills have saved more Jiu Jitsu players from losing situations and created more winning opportunities from underneath tough opponents than all the others put together. If you are interested in my instructional video the link in is my Instagram bio or you can order at @bjj.fanatics