Each of the main main moves of Jiu Jitsu has its own special character – to that character and you will go far: There is no question that certain moves in Jiu Jitsu have prominence among the countless moves of the sport. Some are what we often call “high percentage” That is, they repeatedly across all body types, personalities, weight categories, ages, both sexes, at all belt levels. So for example, in every tournament you will see examples of high percentage moves such as single leg, double leg, elbow escape, guillotines, arm bar, triangles, etc. These high percentage moves must be the basis of your game. Understand that all of these moves have their own character. They are strong in some ways, weak in others. They have good points and bad points. Developing a deep relationship with each of these moves is a huge part of your Jiu Jitsu journey. Just as you have your friends and you understand the character of each very well, so that you have a friend who you know is probably not the best one to bring with you to the museum, but is your go too for back up in a bar brawl, another who is rather boring but perfect as a study partner before a big exam etc. you associate each friend with an appropriate context and they can help you through life – so too with your Jiu Jitsu moves. Each will do well and help you in a certain context and poorly in others. Your job is to understand the moves so well that you know not only the move – BUT THE CONTEXT IN WHICH TO APPLY THEM. Know your favorite moves as intimately as your closest friends, understand their good and bad points and they will never let you down