Daylight: The main means by which we immobilize opponents in Jiu Jitsu is to place around their body and reinforce these wedges with weight (if we are on top) locked limbs (closed wedges) or muscular tension. A big factor in how effective these immobilizing wedge will be is the degree of between them and your opponent. The saying I always use is this – IF YOU CAN DAYLIGHT BETWEEN YOUR AND HIS BODY – YOU ARE MAKING HIS ESCAPE EASY. Whenever you go to an down – look for daylight (space) around your limbs and his body. Try always to fit your body tightly into his – space is your enemy here. Make your body initially soft and flexible so that you can contour your body around his and there is no daylight between you and him. Then when it is to apply to move puts tension through your body long enough to get the job done. This is an easy thing for a camera to reveal or a friend to see – often you can it in yourself from your own perspective – WHENEVER YOU SEE IT – ELIMINATE IT – because it is the downfall of many an attempted move.