Direction of force: Every move in Jiu Jitsu requires the application of force. The single biggest determinant of how successful that application of will be is the DIRECTION you apply the force. FORCES APPLIED IN THE APPROPRIATE DIRECTION WILL ALWAYS OUTPERFORM BIGGER FORCES APPLIED IN FAULTY DIRECTIONS. For all your favorite moves, study the optimal directions to apply forces when performing those moves. Understand that those directions can change mid-move and you may well have to make adjustments on the fly. Here I am demonstrating an INCORRECT direction of for a popular pinning move or of front headlock (can you see why it is incorrect? What would be a better direction?) Knowing the difference between sound and unsound direction of force will often make the difference between and failure. Next time on the mat you feel your application of get stopped by a tough opponent – WITH CHANGES IN DIRECTION – sometimes even a small change will make a big difference. When you do you will have taken a big step towards the Jiu Jitsu ideal of GETTING MORE DONE WITH LESS EFFORT.