Set the wedges, levers and fulcrums first – apply force second: One of the most common mistakes I see among developing grapplers is a tendency to get the opportunity for a submission and jump in with maximum force as soon as they enter the submission hold. This usually results in large amounts of energy expenditure and is a quick route to and frustration. Take a little time to set your immobilizing wedges and your breaking fulcrums and make sure to seize the longest lever you can and only then apply your force. You will immediately see results. The submission of Jiu Jitsu are devastating when properly set, but feeble when poorly set. Get it right first – then your application of force will almost always get the results you seek. Remember that with submission holds it’s not how you get there that counts, but rather, what effects you can generate ONCE you get there. So give yourself a little time to adjust, a little time to refine and you will generate a LOT more force through the proper use of lever and fulcrum than you ever could through exertion. Here, Gordon Ryan has set his wedges and fulcrums superbly and the result is another devastating leg lock – and another win. Follow the same philosophy and you can do the same