We all have our favorites: A huge part of your progress comes from acquiring and developing your FAVORITE MOVES (tokui-waza). These are the that suite your body type and personality more than any others and with which you show early promise. you are involved in a sport where A PERFECT APPLICATION OF MOVE WILL WIN A MATCH, BUT THE IMPERFECT APPLICATION OF A HUNDRED WON’T DO A DAMN THING. When you acquire some favorites that seem to work for you – preferably high percentage moves – DEVOTE A BIG PART OF YOUR TRAINING TIME TO ENLARGE AND PERFECT YOUR UNDERSTANDING AND PERFORMANCE OF THISE MOVES. How good you get at those favorite moves will determine how good you get at the sport overall. Only once you have some heavy hitting weapons can you branch those attacks to add new directions to your game. Let your opponent react to your main weapons and defeat him on his reactions to the initial threat – that is the pattern of good Jiu Jitsu for most people. Here, Georges St-Pierre works of his grappling tokui-waza – Kimura. It is the mainstay of his submission and the move from most of his other grappling attacks branch off. What are yours? Are you happy with them? What would you like to add in the future?