The default principle: A critical part of your pathway to strangulation mastery is understanding and enacting the DEFAULT PRINCIPLE. This is the idea that you must constantly be alert for a strangle opportunity every you get in position to do so. All you need to attack with a strangle from the is a separation between your ’s and his chest greater than the width of your wrist – if you see that – GO FOR THE STRANGLE! If not – engage in hand fighting to trap arms and force an opening. You will be amazed how often strangles will present themselves to you on a platter if you are simply mindful of the conditions of opportunity. So often I see on the back with the neck wide open and they are locking their own hands or fumbling for an opponent’s hands when victory is right there in front of them. When the opportunity is there – STOP WHATEVER YOU ARE DOING AND GO BACK IMMEDIATELY TO THE DEFAULT OPTION – SINK THE STRANGLE! Here, blue belt phenom @nickyrod247 uses a variation of the default principle (going over the jaw rather than under) with devastating effect. always that the mind leads the body so applying this default principle is always first the mental act of recognition of opportunity followed by the physical act of strangulation – so train your mind to alert and immediately identify opportunities when they arise.