Indirect attacks: When you first begin studying Jiu Jitsu you learn your first basic attacks – an arm bar from guard, a strangle from the back, a etc. In class you an opportunity and you try to apply the move. You do DIRECTLY to the move from observing the opportunity. As your opponent’s learn the same moves you are learning, they soon learn the warning signs that you are entering into a move and they start reacting defensively to frustrate you. Because you are going directly to the move, this is easy for them to do. This is when the great law of KNOWLEDGE AND ATTACK comes into play. THE MORE DEFENSIVE KNOWLEDGE AND YOUR OPPONENT POSSESSES, THE MORE YOU MUST EMPLOY INDIRECT TO DISGUISE YOUR REAL INTENTIONS TO A KNOWLEDGEABLE OPPONENT AND THROUGH THEIR DEFENSE VIA MISDIRECTION. You must learn to get your opponent reacting to false attacks/direction in order to break through with real attacks. THE LESS SOPHISTICATED YOUR OPPONENT – THE MORE DIRECT YOUR ATTACKS OUGHT TO BE. THE MORE SOPHISTICATED YOUR OPPONENT, THE MORE INDIRECT YOUR ATTACKS SHOULD BE. So if I am attacking someone with great lower defense and I want the right leg, I may well fake an attack to the neck, as he reacts to the fake, go into another fake attack to the left arm, as an the opponent skillfully reacts to this, enter into the REAL attack on the right leg that I wanted all along. Moving in this way i am much more likely to through sophisticated defenses than simple direct attacks. Making a habit of housing your favorite attacks in the context of INDIRECT approaches will greatly raise your success rate against talented opponents