Drilling as an ideal: We spend a lot of time drilling – there is a simple question that fascinates me – IS IT WORTH IT? Is it possible that we would be off just sparring the entire workout instead. I usually have about 1/2 – 2/3 of my workouts as drilling and 1/2 – 1/3 sparring – is it possible that all that is a waste of time and we would be better off just 100% sparring? I have many reasons why I am a advocate of drilling as an essential part of a daily Jiu Jitsu workout and why I believe it translates into faster for most (not all) students. One of the simplest is the argument that WE ALL NEED AN IDEAL TOWARDS WHICH WE OURSELVES. If we have a strong mental ideal IT CAN HELP PULL OUR PHYSICAL BODY CLOSER TO THAT MENTAL IDEAL – EVEN IF WE NEVER REACH IT. We all know that in most cases we look a lot smoother and more competent when we drill a move on a cooperative training than we ever do in a live sparring situation against a competitive opponent. Drills let us get close to the IDEAL of what we OUGHT to look and feel like when we perform a given move – an elusive ideal to strive for. We know very well it won’t look that smooth and clean in a competitive match – BUT THE HIGHER OUR STANDARDS IN DRILLING, THE HIGHER OUR PERFORMANCE IN A MATCH. This is one of many reasons why I favor drills as a substantial part of your overall training time – the ratio may change depending on circumstances sometimes drills are only 1/4 of the workout, but always they are there. I do believe that different people need different ratios and that there are some who do better almost exclusively with sparring and for whom drilling does little good; but for the vast majority drilling technique in some way (obviously there are many types of drills) is a key part of faster progress. Here, Georges St-Pierre gets close to an ideal triangle (omote sankaku) as a way of improving performance when we switch to live sparring.