Keep your body warm, your mind calculating and your heart cold: Everyone has their own mental approach to Jiu Jitsu and in truth I have seen great champions with every possible mindset from extreme fear to extreme confidence – so I don’t believe it’s possible to say there is any one correct way to mentally enter a match. I will say this however, if your inclination is, as mine is, to see Jiu Jitsu as first and foremost a game of knowledge and decisions and problem solving – then I recommend to keep yourself in an emotionally neutral and cold blooded state. Why? Because we do our calculations and problem best in a psychologically calm state. Imagine trying to solve a complex math problem whilst angry and agitated and you will get a of what I mean. to an hour, calm down and focus and then solve the problem. So if you favor a knowledge based/problem approach to Jiu Jitsu, train yourself to work in a state of relative calm. If you prefer a more intuitive, combative approach, it may well be to go in hot blooded – champions have arisen from both – but know your own game and base your mental preparation upon that.