Every has components – work on the components: Very often I have students tell me that that find a given that they want to learn extremely difficult to perform and wonder if they should simply quit that move and go on to something else. always that every in the sport is made up of a components. Simple moves have fewer components and complex ones have more. Whenever you are struggling with a move – BREAK IT DOWN INTO ITS COMPONENTS AND ON MASTERING EACH COMPONENT INDIVIDUALLY AS A MEANS OF ULTIMATELY MASTERING THE WHEN YOU FINALLY STRING ALL OF THE COMPONENTS TOGETHER. Using this method you will keep a sense of progress that will keep you practicing and allow you to get around any temporary feelings of failure. Here, talented junior squad member Nick Rodriguez works a component of an entry into cross ashi garami that will finish in our favorite position – inside sankaku – it can be a tough one when you begin, but the move down into its components always helps the learning process. Even if you cannot currently perform the move to your satisfaction – you can often walk away from a training session with a sense of satisfaction and progress if you master a component of that move – knowing you are step closer to your goal.