Practicing offense is fun – but it’s the practice of that will determine how well you do against strong opposition: The sport of Jiu jitsu is evenly divided between and defensive skills. It’s natural to want to focus more on the former as it is generally more and glamorous. Be aware however, that it will be your mastery of that will prove the more important when you come up against very good opponents who will be attacking you at least as much as you attack them (and in many cases – a lot more). While defense may not be as sexy as offense – those are the you will draw upon in a crises – and let me tell you – when you go against someone your own level or better – Jiu Jitsu is very much a sport of crises management. Make you you devote AT LEAST fifty percent of your training/development time to defensive skills. Those skills may not be as much fun to train but whatever unhappiness that training time may cause you is nothing compared with the unhappiness of losing a bout due to underdeveloped defensive skills. Balance your training time accordingly.