If you want to make a strong man feel weak – get his hand behind his back: There are lots of strong out there – but no one feels strong when their hand(s) are pinned behind their back. Whenever working against strong people it is crucial to create conditions where your opponent works from some kind of mechanical disadvantage and you from advantage. So for example, if you wrestle his with your legs, you will have an advantage, if your get behind him you have a big mechanical and tactical advantage. One of the best is to get your opponent’s hand behind his back. Probably the most well known application of this principle is the use of Kimura – a fine means of both and submitting opponents. Once you get the hand behind the back – keep it there until the job is done. Here, Craig Jones does a good job of exactly that as he goes through and preparation for ADCC 2019 in the blue basement. While there are many effective ways to utilize Kimura even with the hand in front, all the most devastating breaking finishes and controls rely upon getting the hand behind the back as early as possible and keeping it there. The difference in strength in an arm between situations where the hand is in front of the torso versus behind the back is huge. Anytime you get a chance to put that hand into a position of behind the back – take it – and soon you will be taking as trophies