Gordon Ryan comes back to the big stage: Great to Gordon Ryan back center stage at @kinekticgrappling team event last night representing @bjj.fanatics It’s been a long hard road back after a severe knee injury leading to surgery and a long layoff. He is still far from one hundred percent but the rule set of this event allowed him to play a more passive sitting game (easier on the knee than a standing wrestling rule set) so he wanted to get out there and compete again. The event began with @lachlan_giles singlehandedly eliminating one team who did not appear to have kept up with the revolution in the sport over the last seven years. Then it was on the to the tougher team in the second round led by @sonnench Nick Rodriguez @nickyrod247 showed his developing submission skills with a nice heel hook win, then @gordonlovesjiujitsu stepped in and finished the remaining three opponents in short to finish a crushing victory for @bjj.fanatics Now we have to if Mr Ryan will be ready for the pressures of ADCC competition – the opponents will be the best in the world and the rule set demands much more standing and you have to compete over days – we shall have to if his knee is ready for that kind of pressure yet – one thing is for sure – no one has put in more to get ready against the odds than Mr Ryan and I’m certain that if anyone can do it – it’s him. Hope you all enjoyed the show!