Attack their first and the real attacks become easy: There is nothing more difficult than trying to attack an opponent set in a strong defensive stance – his feels like an impenetrable fortress and your attacks bounce harmlessly off. THE EFFECTIVENESS OF AN OPPONENTS IS DIRECTLY PROPORTIONAL TO THE EXCELLENCE OF HIS STANCE – If you can break his stance you can attack with a high probability of success. The best way to break his stance is to his balance. Generating Kuzushi (off balancing ) is this the key to successful attacks from bottom position. Break your attacks into two stages. Deliberately attack his balance to subvert his stance. Then launch your real attack as he is trying to balance and has no stance to protect himself. Breaking of balance does not have to be big, sometimes a small momentary twitch is enough. Anything big enough to cause a momentary reaction or adjustment will do the trick. Then go immediately into your real attack before he recovers. Here, Craig Jones, in the midst of his ADCC preparation camp in the blue basement does an excellent job of upsetting his opponent’s balance – this will make his follow up attack easy