Working for an angle: A foundational principle of Jiu Jitsu is to always seek some form of preliminary advantage prior to attacking. One of the best forms of advantage is ANGLE. If you can get away from being directly in front of opponents and instead get to the flanks, you will find a lot more success with many of your attacks. Here, Gordon Ryan works for angle from bottom closed guard. Constantly look to get your head off line and out to the side – often it will help to use an arm to grip inside your ’s leg and manually yourself around to an angle. Now it will be difficult for an opponent to use his weight and top to control you – Indeed, if he tries to use weight this may even make things worse for him. Don’t settle for being held directly in front of opponents – immediately for angle. Your will have react to this threat – if he doesn’t you will have an immediate advantage – as he reacts you will find your opportunities. Experiment tomorrow with making your first every from bottom just a simple shift to an angle and be prepared to work from there towards victory.