One Jiu Jitsu – two paths: Two great combat athletes who took two very different paths with their Jiu Jitsu training out next to each other. Keenan Cornelius works out next to Georges St-Pierre on a crowded mat in class today. One of the great features of Jiu Jitsu is the way the same techniques can be used in very different ways in very different arenas to get you to your own unique goals. Mr Cornelius took his Jiu Jitsu training towards grappling, Mr St-Pierre took it towards MMA – both became great in their respective domains. It fascinating to such different athletes learning and performing the same moves but knowing each will have to find ways to apply them in very different contexts. Jiu Jitsu is a very malleable that gives us a lot a choice in how we apply it. The foundations of the sport are broad enough that two entirely different careers can be lived while learning similarly next to each other just through adaption and the addition of other skills.