Half guard and connection: of the distinguishing characteristics of a tight half guard with an under hook wrapped tight around your opponent’s waist is the tremendous degree of CONNECTION it gives you to your opponent. Interestingly, this connection is easy even when your opponent is significantly taller and bigger than yourself. Contrast this with other guards – day closed guard – if you have short and your opponent has a thick midsection, it can be tough just to a closed guard. In half guard you only have to get your around leg, rather than his waist or shoulders, so making that tight connection is easy, even when there is a big height or overall size difference. Moreover, the very nature of the connection places you DIRECTLY UNDER YOUR OPPONENT’S CENTER OF GRAVITY so even time you turn left or it have a big effect on an opponent’s balance, making it a superb sweeping position. Because there is so much physical connection your weight functions like an anchor upon your opponent’s body and SLOWS THE PACE OF THE MATCH DOWN as long as you the position. This can be a real advantage when matched against a younger, faster, athletically gifted opponent, so half guard perfect for older or slower athletes who do better when the pace is taken down a notch or two. So if you are looking for a means of increasing your effectiveness from bottom position but feel that your mobility, age or body type may be a hinderance, look into half Guard as a possible solution to your problems. Many fine athletes have built a career around this great position – perhaps you can be of them