ADCC Camp: The squad is getting ready for the ADCC world submission grappling championships coming up in around three weeks in California. There have been some adjustments. Sadly, will be unable to go after qualifying by winning US trials due to an injury suffered during a sparring session. Accordingly, Nicky Ryan will go down to 66kg. Garry Tonon will take his place at 77kg, joining teammate at that weight. will enter at 88kg. Gordon Ryan will enter at 99kg, Keenan Cornelius has joined the camp and will also compete at 99kg. will enter at plus 99kg. ADCC Camp is a grueling affair. Everyone is training hard and working on the unique demands of this great tournament. It’s amazing to think how young all these athletes are and how they have the to do many more of these events as they continue to grow in and skill. Here they are battling it out on the mats – more again tomorrow