Knowing your destination is half the battle: When you look at an average Jiu Jitsu match around half of the is spent in what appears to be a hopeless tangle of is in crazy inverted and back to front orientations that seemingly have little to do with combat. Yet in less than a second any of those bizarre positions can be converted into a position that can result in broken limbs or devastating strangles. Some do a better job of converting those strangle entanglements into winning positions than others – why? Probably the most important reason is that THEY HAVE A CLEAR OF WHERE THEY WANT TO GET TO which they can call upon in even the most confusing upside down, double inversion and NAVIGATE THEIR WAY TOA FINISHING HOLD OR PIN. This is why you must develop a few favorite positions that become so hard wired in your consciousness that you can find your way to them from anywhere, anytime any place. Just as even the most confused and disoriented drunk somehow always finds his way home – so too a good Jiu Jitsu player will always find his way back to his favorite holds and and prevail among chaos. Keep experimenting until you find your natural favorite submission hold or pin that seems to fit you like a glove and practice until you can a way to it from everywhere.