The foundations of your and new skills: The fastest learners of my approach to the are invariably those who have a STRONGLY DEVELOPED FOUNDATION OF BJJ SKILL. So often students come to me and ask to learn advanced that i teach but lack overall competence in foundational skills and so struggle to learn the additional skills. Having a strong set of foundational skills makes the act of adding on new skills very easy on most cases. The movement, conceptual understanding and that comes with learning the sports foundations translate extremely well into the more exotic elements of the at higher levels. So keep working hard on your fundamentals – there’s never too much practicing and refining the core movements and skills of the sport. spent this way will dramatically shorten the time taken to add on new skills later. Here, Keenan Cornelius, already extremely strong in foundational skills of back control, has an easy time adapting to the back system details we teach and getting them operational in a short time frame. Once you are secure in your foundations, you can do the same