Creation and destruction of space: Most of Jiu Jitsu is fought on the ground – as much the major dynamic between the two athletes plays out in TOP and BOTTOM position. It is crucial to understand that the top and bottom athletes have diametrically opposes general goals. From the top players perspective the whole game is to ELIMINATE SPACE between himself and his opponent. By getting past the legs and using gravity getting in and is the best way to control movement and dominate the bottom player. From the bottom players perspective, the whole game is to CREATE AND MAINTAIN SPACE so that he can move under the body weight of the top player and launch effective from bottom position. All attacks require MOVEMENT and movement is only possible from bottom when there is space between you and the top player. This basic demand for the creation and destruction of space is the heart and soul of the ground grappling game. Here, Nicky Ryan works to eliminate space as the top passing player, while the inestimable Brian Glick uses frames and level changes to maintain space underneath. Learning to understand the nuances that underlie this classic battle between top and bottom player is a huge part of your development in Jiu Jitsu.