Shields up Captain…The is a rather delicate thing – but there are certain parts of our body that are quite robust. The elbows/forearms and the knees/ are two fine examples. Both are exceptionally tough and can take a real beating with no ill effects. When it’s time to create a robust shield between you and your opponent – MAKE YOUR ELBOWS/FOREARMS AND KNEES/SHINS THE BASIS OF YOUR SHIELD. You can anything your opponent can throw at you with these shields set in place and do so without suffering and be in good shape to counterattack. to use your body in such a way that the tough parts of the body protect the delicate parts of the body and Jiu Jitsu will be a much more pleasant experience for you. Your and forearms are your shields in this sport. Just as ancient soldiers used their shields to protect themselves until they could launch their offense, so too you must do the same. Here, Nicky Ryan makes good use of his shins to hold a spirited passing attempt.