The amazing story of Doug Pelinkovic: Often I am asked the questions, “I started Jiu Jitsu in my thirties – can I get to a good level?” “I a busy job and have a family – can I get to a good level? “I never competed – can I get to a level where I can be competitive with champions?” is one of my black belts. He never competed until last year – his first ever Jiu Jitsu competition was the IBJJF masters – he won gold in his division. This weekend he went into his third ever competition at the Pan American games and win double gold – his weight division and open weight – almost all by submission. This despite being a highly successful Real Estate developer with wife and three sons and one of the busiest people I know. He did not start Jiu Jitsu until his thirties. I don’t have faith in many things – but one thing in which I have an unshakable faith is THE ABILITY OF HARD WORKING, HIGHLY MOTIVATED PEOPLE WITH A PLAN AND THE DISCIPLINE TO STICK WITH IT AND THE WISDOM TO MODIFY IT IF NECESSARY TO ACHIEVE AN EXTRAORDINARY LEVEL OF SKILL AND ACHIEVEMENT IN THEIR DOMAIN. Mr Pelinkovic is a great inspiration to all of us with this remarkable achievement over the weekend – a lesson to all of us as to what is possible when we stop telling ourselves why can’t do something and start telling ourselves why we CAN. Double gold in one of the toughest tournaments of the Jiu Jitsu calendar year in just his third ever competition – and best of all – where was he this morning at 6am after his big double victory? On his way to the basement for the morning class to help the ADCC team get ready. And where will he be tonight after a long day of in the office? On the with me at his Bronx Jiu jitsu school for the late night workout. Extraordinary work ethics create extraordinary results – thank you for the inspiration Mr Pelinkovic

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