Capturing the head: The human body is essentially a skull connected to a spine and everything hangs that – so when you the head you control everything else by default. As such, we must put a very high priority on capturing the head whenever we can. THE WHOLE POSITIONAL OF JIU JITSU IS DESIGNED TO GET US PAST OUR OPPONENTS LOWER BODY UP TO THE MID BODY AND THEN UP UNTIL WE CAPTURE THE HEAD. Most of the time we capture the head with our arms, but you can do it in very impressive ways with your LEGS also – via the TRIANGLE (sankaku). Here, Ryan locks on a devastating triangle (Yoko Sankaku) which will give tremendous head that can nail down to the floor even the toughest opponents and offer a great stranglehold at the same time. always the GOAL of the positional game – HEAD CONTROL. Whenever you have the opportunity to the head – take it – and control of the rest of the body will be your reward.