Thank you: It was a tremendous weekend for our team at the ADCC World Championships in California this weekend. Getting a team ready is a big enterprise and requires input from many people and I wanted to thank some of the major players in that team project. First, my sensei who took me from white belt to black belt in Jiu Jitsu and who gives us a gym to train out of in NYC along with the entire staff of the gym who let us focus on preparation and cutting edge Jiu Jitsu performance. To all of my students at the academy who make so many sacrifices in and effort to create a training room that elevates the level of all who enter and stay and who create an environment that can build champions and advance the sport. To the competitive athletes who have the courage and drive to step out on to the stage and give life to the ideas and I teach – you give my theories and life – without you I would just a man tinkering in a basement – I owe you guys everything. To @BJJ.fanatics for giving me an outlet through video to convey my ideas to a broader audience through my growing army of video students. I am so happy that you can get to see the very things I teach to you all unfold in the same way you them on the biggest stage before your eyes. To all of my followers on social media. Thank you for your interest and support on this crazy journey of growth and improvement towards an unattainable ideal in the sport we all love. To the team and staff at ADCC particularly @Mo jassim80 who took the world championships to an entirely new level and left everyone thinking that one day this sport could be HUGE and impressed everyone with a professionally run show that no one will forget. To @flograppling for taking that show to the internet and making it something the world could watch rather than just the spectators. Wishing you all the best and once again – thank you all.

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