The ideal of Jiu Jitsu: My understanding of Jiu Jitsu never waivers from this – JIU JITSU IS THE AND SCIENCE OF THAT LEADS TO SUBMISSION. The closer you stay true to this ideal, the more impressive your game will be. The further you stray from it, the less people will want to follow your example. The appeal of the greatest athletes in the sport is not just that they win, but HOW they win – and nothing catches our admiration more than the decisive and clean mature of victory by submission. The soul of wrestling is the pin, The soul of judo is the the ippon throw – but the soul of Jiu Jitsu is submission. Every move, tactic, and concept that I teach goes in that direction. I am proud to see my students express that ideal every they go out on the stage. Encouraging my Jiu Jitsu ideal of leading to submission isn’t about rule sets – it’s about set – make that ideal your goal and take the to how to enact it and the soul of Jiu Jitsu will become part of your soul as an athlete.