The remarkable achievement of Garry Tonon: Some athletes inspire in different ways. Garry Tonon has shifted his focus away from grappling over the last two years towards MMA. However, when team mate Ethan Crelinsten got injured and Nicky Ryan had to drop from 77kg down to 66kg a month before the event, Mr Tonon immediately volunteered to take his place. Mr Tonon has always been among the most exciting grapplers on earth and in this ADCC he cemented that reputation in spectacular fashion. I always thought the best and most exciting grappling match I would ever see was Garry Tonon vs Rousimar Palhares – but Garry Tonon vs Renato Canuto in the second round of ADCC 2019 May have Just eclipsed that. Both athletes are fireballs and they went at each at maximum force in what was clearly the match of the tournament. Interestingly there was neither a point or a submission scored in the match – yet it was pure excitement from start to finish. The next day against Champion JT Torres Mr Tonon showed his remarkable ability to escape bad and then turn it into with a beautiful escape from back and into an equally beautiful locked knee bar – with just a few more seconds on the clock would have been his – but it was not to be – at level, sometimes the difference between victory and defeat is despairingly close. Then in the bronze medal match Mr Tonon went up against the formidable Dante Leon and went back to the squads roots to win via heel hook from outside ashi garami to take his first ADCC medal – ironically at a time when it is no longer his focus! In open weight Mr Tonon had another chance to awe the crowd against the extremely talented Edwin Najime. Both men are masters of spectacular flying submissions. Mr Tonon fired first with a beautiful flying heel hook entry – kani basami – and then locked out an equally beautiful inside heel hook for another incredible win. This man is simply a human highlight reel and a pleasure and a privilege to watch. Thank you for showing the world that great Jiu Jitsu can be beautiful Jiu Jitsu and that even at level artistic flourish that captures our imagination is possible