People treat you differently when you are dangerous: A big theme in my coaching is that of PRECISION IN BREAKING MECHANICS. I insist to all of my students that they study deeply the dark arts of breaking limbs and strangulation. Remember always that it is the submission holds of Jiu Jitsu that make it dangerous. When you have powerful breaking mechanics and you can snap limbs like matchsticks your opponents treat you very differently from a strictly positional player. They over reacting to threats and feints, they are reluctant to engage with you, they have to settle for a tactical game of and run rather than really engage with you. Learning to master the precise details is not fun – you have to have it done to you to learn how to do it to others. You also have to be very responsible with it as you can’t afford to hurt training partners. But once you gain it, opponents will treat you with a respect that few are shown. Here, Gordon Ryan shows the punishing power of his heel hook. You can see the tension running through the and the reaction to the lock. Take time with a friend working on those all important mechanics. with how changes in your opponents and require you to adapt the lock for maximum effect. There is a reason why all my senior students are feared for their breaking power. With training and experimentation, you can be too.

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