When the pressure is on – it’s good to have some weapons you truly believe in: Humans tend to be naturally averse. We generally tend to fear the risk of loss more than we cherish the prospect of gain. This tendency tends to become even stronger in high pressure situations. In Jiu Jitsu this will often result in athletes restricting themselves to only their most trusted moves when they are on the big stage. It is crucial for your development therefore, that you have a select arsenal of moves in which you have total trust. These are the guns that you will be willing to fire when the heat is on – all those other moves that you like and enjoy when you are rolling with your in the gym won’t do you any good now. At ADCC 2019 Garry Tonon fought for the bronze medal and took on the very talented and physically powerful Dante Leon, who had impressed everyone by defeating Jiu Jitsu legend Lucas Lepri in an earlier round. When it came time to attack, Mr Tonon went to of the most recognizable of the squad arsenal – outside heel hook from outside ashi garami – a move he has drilled and performed many thousands of times. Despite the tense of the match his confidence in the move, derived from so much practice and experience in its use and application, meant that there was not a second of hesitation and once again it was outside ashi garami heel hook for the win! You too, must develop a small but very subset of moves that are your most trusted weapons upon which you can call when the pressure is on you to perform. Your selection is an expression of your body and your so this is a deeply personal part of your development and no else can tell what your selection will be – but select them over time you must, for when you are too nervous to try your other moves – these guns will still fire.

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