One of the surest ways to success in life is to identify an unacknowledged truth – something of value that is true, but which only a few people KNOW or ACKNOWLEDGE is true. For example, I knew many years ago that leg locks could be improved from their basic format and made into a system just as effective as traditional Jiu Jitsu upper body submission and orthodoxy. When I taught that to the squad it gave them them a significant that enabled them to effectively match up against athletes with far more overall experience than them and win. If everyone acknowledges the truth of a true idea, then it’s difficult to use it to advantage – but if an important idea is true AND YOU ARE THE ONLY ONE WHO BELIEVES IT TO BE THE CASE – THEN YOU CAN EASILY USE IT TO YOUR ADVANTAGE. A good example of this is one of my favorite moves – which I believe has always been massively undervalued in Jiu Jitsu. This is the rear triangle (ushiro sankaku). It is a truly devastating weapon, far more controlling than the more popular and strangles normally used in this position. From it you can apply a crushingly powerful strangle and many joint locks. It offers far more control than its alternatives and truly enables a smaller person to defeat a person. All my senior students are masters of it – you should be too! Here, completely ties up and controls an opponent and now has his choice of which submission he will employ from here. Make a serious study of ushiro sankaku and take of other people’s failure to see the value of this gold mine of submissions!