A man out of is easy to attack: Attacking and scoring in Jiu Jitsu on someone your own level is never easy. Understand this: THE DEGREE OF DIFFICULTY ASSOCIATED WITH ATTACKING A SKILLED OPPONENT IS DIRECTLY PROPORTIONAL TO THE STRENGTH OF HIS POSTURE AND BASE. If you can break his posture and base by upsetting his balance – the come MUCH easier. Whenever you play bottom position, always seek to get working in your favor by constantly attacking your opponents base of support. My way of doing so is foot techniques – in particular foot sweeps (ashi waza). Well applied foot from bottom position can make your opponent miserable and make it very difficult for him to settle down into strong passing positions and at the same time, greatly facilitate your attacks. Ideally you want to create a situation where he finds it very difficult to stand in front of you and is reduced to stumbling around like a drunk on roller skates while you are able to dart into your favorite moves. Here, Gordon Ryan uses foot sweeps to beautifully off a training partner. After the stumble there will be a momentary to go easily into attack and score. Take it and win!!