instructional release! I am very happy to announce the release today of the latest chapter of my GO FURTHER FASTER – BJJ FUNDAMENTALS instructional video series – CLOSED GUARD. is invariably the first position that Jiu Jitsu students are taught when working bottom game. It always figures heavily in competition and gym sparring success in Jiu Jitsu at all and in all categories both with and without the gi. Many great athletes have excelled at it and made it the foundation of their bottom game. The high hip position it offers makes it capable of being a devastating position from underneath if used well. The main theme of this is built around the idea that ostensibly is a NEUTRAL position – but if we can maneuver an opponent into one of six easily attainable vulnerabilities within closed guard – we can convert it to a position even whilst underneath a tough and knowledgeable opponent – and that’s when the fun begins! Though I am mostly known as a coach of high level athletes and technical innovations – nothing pleases me more than teaching the fundamentals of Jiu Jitsu – for without them none of the other material I teach would be effective. The fundamentals are the and soul of the game and closed guard is the most fundamental of the entire bottom game. Keep working your closed guard!! That’s one position that will never go out of style If you are interested in my video there is a link in my Instagram bio.

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