Dealing with the big men – get behind them: Probably the most common question i am asked is – how do i defeat people bigger and stronger than myself. Here is my general advice. When matches against bigger people MAINTAIN INSIDE POSITION UNDERNEATH THEM AND CARRYING THEIR WEIGHT. IN OFFENSIVE SITUATIONS, FAVOR LEG ATTACKS AND MORE THAN ANYTHING ELSE – GET BEHIND THEM. Inside position is the key to managing greater body weight from underneath. The legs are the hardest thing for heavyweights to hide from a and more agile player and once locked, a will break anyone regardless of size. Also, the bigger the foot, the longer the breaking lever and the less chance of slippage. And the back – i don’t care how big and strong they are – they can’t push or someone who is behind them – so get there soon and stay there to beat the big men! Nick Rodriguez is the biggest and strongest athlete in the blue basement by a landslide, but in ADCC World Championships he was rather small compared to some of his opponents. He took on the massively powerful two time ADCC Orlando Sanchez in his second match – gameplan? GET BEHIND HIM! He did exactly that and got the win! So remember the basic strategy when fighting bigger, heavier and stronger people. Inside position when underneath, focus submissions on the legs and position on the back!

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