Get ready for the next Gordon Ryan video!! Later this week @bjj.fanatics will release the new Gordon Ryan video MY EVOLUTION: YOUR REVOLUTION – 2019 ADCC WORLD CHAMPIONSHIPS. This is an instructional video based upon one of the greatest grappling performances in history – double in just his second world championships at age twenty four. This video will feature actual footage of the his matches and provide incredible breakdowns of the action – the WHY and HOW of every move and decision he made – along with detailed expositions and explanations in the gym. On the surface it looks like the video is about a great grappler showing his moves – but it isn’t. The real subject of this video is not Gordon Ryan – it’s YOU. He describes his EVOLUTION from the most successful ADCC debut of all time in 2017 to one of the most dominant ADCC performances ever in 2019, resulting in double gold without a single point being scored on him and a seventy five percent submission rate. However, the real subject matter is the REVOLUTION that this can create in YOUR game. This is a master class in technique and at the highest by the best player in the game taught in ways that can make a concrete difference in your performance in a very short time. Watching this performance from the coaches chair was one of the greatest experiences of my life – now you get a chance to watch from the students chair and I promise you that you will be a significantly Jiu Jitsu player as a result! Keep your eyes open for this drop later in the week and get ready to put a revolution in your performance! The game is changing quickly – current, keep learning from the best and start winning!

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